Morus – Ciało Obce LP


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Polský raw punk, ex-Post Regiment, Antidotum.

Deska je nová.

The album is a collaboration between Morus and Unrest Records, Ruin Nation Records, IronMan Records, Last Hour Records, Trujaca Fala. Morus started as a band around 2012 in Warsaw. The band went through several name changes and played a few gigs around Poland – mostly at squats or independent clubs/places. Played some DIY festivals including ‚Ultra Chaos Punx Picnic’ in Żelebsko and „Outside Fest” in Wojcieszów, both in 2016. Recorded their first demo in 2012, the second one in 2016 – they can be still found on Bandcamp. „We put our hearts in it. It’s honest. It’s Punk. The music is fast but melodic. I think about the lyrics I write carefully. They’re angry and political but also poetic, stuff that is important to us, things that are difficult to deal with, stuff that hurts, rather sad and depressing… ” Nika