Sheeva Yoga / Dog Eggs split – LP


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<p>Power violence Ostrava a Leeds.</p>

<p><br />
Sheeva Yoga / Dog Eggs &lrm;&ndash; Sheeva Yoga / Dog Eggs<br />
Label:<br />
Dead Heroes Records &lrm;&ndash; none, Totalitarianism Still Continues &lrm;&ndash; 041, Olga Hepnarov&aacute; Records &lrm;&ndash; none, 783punx &lrm;&ndash; LHC010, Deaf Death Husky Records &lrm;&ndash; DDH031, Swamper &lrm;&ndash; none, Pure Heart Records &lrm;&ndash; none, Exit Production &lrm;&ndash; Exit 042, Apatrida Records &lrm;&ndash; none, Thrash And Burn! Records &lrm;&ndash; none, JNThebeast &lrm;&ndash; none, Rib&eacute; Records &lrm;&ndash; none<br />
Format:<br />
Vinyl, 12&quot;, 45 RPM<br />
Country:<br />
Czech Republic &amp; Slovakia<br />
Released:<br />
27 Jul 2018<br />
Genre:<br />
Rock<br />
Style:<br />
Power Violence, Grindcore<br />
Tracklist<br />
A1 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Hipsterjugend &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:41<br />
A2 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Niž&scaron;&iacute; Princip &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:51<br />
A3 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Od Př&iacute;rody Talent &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:05<br />
A4 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Delicatessen &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;1:23<br />
A5 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Nechci Už Nikdy Vyrůst … &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
A6 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;… Neboť Ani Nev&iacute;m Proč? &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:50<br />
A7 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Hodnoty &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
A8 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sedřen&eacute; Kmeny &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:59<br />
A9 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Konec Konců &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:50<br />
A10 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Sheeva Yoga &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Burzumhila &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;0:30<br />
B1 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Theme From 'Dog Eggs' &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
B2 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Cosmic Smog &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
B3 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Weekend Revenge (Dr See-it MD) &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
B4 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Brand New OI! Boi &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
B5 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Electric Thrashcore Go-go &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
B6 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sounds Like Pounds &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
B7 &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&ndash;Dog Eggs &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The Hive &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
Companies, etc.</p>

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Manufactured By &ndash; XVINYLX.COM<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Pressed By &ndash; GZ Media &ndash; 176353M<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Recorded At &ndash; Chunk, Leeds &ndash; B1 to B7<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mixed At &ndash; Chunk, Leeds &ndash; B1 to B7</p>


<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Bass &ndash; Henry Gibson (12) (tracks: B1 to B7)<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Bass, Vocals &ndash; Skulda (tracks: A1 to A10)<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Drums, Recorded By, Mixed By &ndash; Alex Race (tracks: B1 to B7)<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Drums, Vocals &ndash; Viki* (tracks: A1 to A10)<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Guitar &ndash; Daniel Newns (tracks: B1 to B7), George* (tracks: B1 to B7), Maro (12) (tracks: A1 to A10)<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Vocals &ndash; Jirka* (tracks: A1 to A10), Rachard Kay (tracks: B1 to B7)</p>

<p>Notes<br />
350 copies.<br />
Dog Eggs recorded and mixed february/october 2015 by Alex Race at Chunk.</p>